SMB Services

SalesCocktail combines technology and sales strategy to drive growth. Our team  specializes in utilizing transformative Artificial Intelligence to invest in, create, and deliver Growth and Technology Enablement tools. We help SMBs enhance their sales strategy, business processes, and technology decisions, simplifying their transformation journey.

SC Advisor (Growth Strategy Alignment): We align company objectives by defining your sales and marketing strategy, business processes, and technology adoption.
We offer 360-Degree Accountability, meaning you will have continuous support throughout your business journey with customized roadmaps to increase ROI.

Top Shelf E-Learning (Coming 2024): Our subscription-based online resource, Top Shelf, grants access to essential sales tools, webinars, and sales and tech strategy courses. This resource will help you attract and retain clients, effectively position your products/services, and manage business risk.

SC Tech Talks (Artificial Intelligence): We offer technology education, strategy, and support to help you successfully implement SaaS and artificial intelligence (AI) in your business. We can help you choose the right technology solutions for your business, implement them effectively, and train your employees on how to use them.

Research shows that digital engagement contributes to higher business success. Digitally advanced SMEs experience increased innovation, diversified customer bases, and revenue growth. However, SMBs lag in technology adoption due to perceived costs. We are committed to helping SMBs succeed. Our services are designed to help you achieve your growth goals and reach your full potential.

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