Founded by seasoned entrepreneur, LeShane Greenhill, SalesCocktail was created to close the technology gap for MWBEs so they can scale their businesses and compete on a national and global level.

Who We Are
For many complex reasons, minority and woman-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) are stuck in a digital divide that limits their ability to compete on a level playing field. SalesCocktail was founded to close that gap and help MWBEs take full advantage of the business tools available to them courtesy of the Interage age.

Why We Do It
MWBEs are driving growth in the U.S. economy. Yet, our research shows MWBEs underestimate the impact technology can have on the actual growth of their firms. Many feel overwhelmed by the number of software options available or think they’re too expensive. Other MWBEs just don’t have the time to learn a new system because they’re busy running their businesses.That’s where SalesCocktail comes in. We want to help MWBEs see technology differently and learn how it can be used to become more productive, competitive, and profitable!

Core Values:

  • • Equip minority, women, and small businesses with data that facilitates growth
  • • Encourage MWBEs to embrace SaaS technology that automates redundant task and deliverers organizational efficiency
  • • Empower MWBEs with B2B knowledge that creates the right sales experience
  • • Embrace a MWBE peer-to-peer learning environment that fosters collaboration and networking
  • • Enact programs designed specifically for the MWBE community
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Our Founder
LeShane Greenhill is an experienced tech start-up entrepreneur and sales authority. Chosen by Google and Code2040 to serve as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Google’s Tech Hub, LeShane uses his extensive knowledge of SaaS technology and sales to change the conversation about the impact of technology on the growth of minority and women-owned businesses.