Sales Prospecting Tools to Consider

Building a prospecting program is hard work, and it can easily chew up many wasted hours if you put inefficient processes in place. The same holds for managing relationships. You need the right phone and email cadence to keep prospects engaged without overloading them. By choosing the right tools for the job, you’ll maximize productivity, […]

A must have for MWBEs and SMBs

Looking for a better way to manage and grow your small business? Customer relationship management software can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a robust CRM software solution, a simple one designed for very small businesses or a free version to fit your budget, there’s a CRM software choice for you. Our CRM […]

Four Types of People to Surround Yourself With!

There are a number of factors that lead to the success of an entrepreneur. In addition to hard work and drive, their personal improvement leading up to their success can be greatly driven by other people. The people they choose to surround themselves with impacts the way they think, act, and feel on a daily […]

LinkedIn Hacks Pt. 2

Join groups — and stay active One tip I always share for small business owners is to join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to their target demographic. Not only is this a great way to “listen in” on what your audience is talking about, there may [also] be times for small business owners to interact […]

LinkedIn Hacks You Should Know Pt. 1

LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals. Did you know you can use LinkedIn to grow your business, too? From making connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and creating better brand awareness, LinkedIn makes an invaluable addition to your sales and digital marketing strategy. To help you navigate LinkedIn as a sales platform, here are a few […]

Manage Your Calendar and Time Like a Pro

Ever wonder where all the time in a day goes? Every wonder why some days it seems like you’re running in hamster wheel and not being productive? If you have these thoughts more often than you like, it is probably due to poor calendar management. The last post focused on email automation. Today we tackle […]

Five Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses. It is easy to manage, gives you full control, allows you to establish direct contact with your customers and gives you data about which of your customers might be ready for a sales call. A good email marketing service enables you to […]

Why You Should Track Emails and the Best Tools for Doing So

The way we communicate, connect with and contact people is changing overnight. Email continues to survive the test of time and has been a constant in professional communication for more than 20 years, but the way we send emails is evolving. Now, technology is commonplace that easily allows us to track who opened our emails […]

Tips for Growing a Business during Economic Uncertainty

From our partners at SuppliertyNews. Capital One’s Small Business Growth Index reveals that 49% of small business owners in the U.S. are concerned about the negative impact of a recession on their company and 35% are worried about the impact of tariffs and trade wars on their overall success. Click here to read more! SalesCocktail […]

Marketing Automation is Worth Your Investment

It’s obvious that large businesses are increasingly turning to marketing automation to engage and re-engage their audience. In light of this trend, are small businesses being left behind? At the 2014 Gartner 360 Summit the claim was made that “by 2020, 85 percent of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without human interaction.” Now […]