Why You Should Track Emails and the Best Tools for Doing So

The way we communicate, connect with and contact people is changing overnight. Email continues to survive the test of time and has been a constant in professional communication for more than 20 years, but the way we send emails is evolving. Now, technology is commonplace that easily allows us to track who opened our emails and when.

Why do this?

The reason is simple. Nowadays, decisions happen at the speed of light, and you can’t afford to wait around on a reply to take action or move forward with your process. You need information, and email tracking is one great way to get it.

Hence, email tracking.

By tracking the actions and behaviors of website visitors, we gain insight that helps improves the user experience of our websites and ultimately increases sales. In the same way, tracking emails can help you know the success of your email pitches and marketing campaigns, and how to do more of what works. Emails are also used to send invoices, invitations and proposals, so tracking these emails can be very beneficial for the businesses.

Here’s a deep dive into several of the leading email tracking services available.

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is highly popular and offers free, unlimited email tracking and email scheduling for life.

What you get with SalesHandy email tracking:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Reply tracking
  • Customized mute email notifications
  • Email open rate
  • Link tracking

You can also export the email analytics report of tracked emails in a CSV file.

The best thing about SalesHandy is that you can use it with any email client via SMTP configuration.

Additional SalesHandy features:


  • Email Scheduling: You can schedule emails to be sent later using any of the world’s 240 time zones. This feature is included in the free package.
  • Email Templates: Store daily emails that you have to shoot almost every day. This can save 20 minutes of your daily schedule.
  • Link and Document Tracking: Track all the links and documents sent in the emails. A very useful feature, especially if you are pitching someone.
  • Mail Merge: Send up to 2,000 personalized emails in a day (according to your Gmail account).
  • Automated Follow Up: This feature is combined with mail merge and lets you follow up on those bulk emails by adding up to nine follow up stages. Adding automation to your follow-ups will skyrocket your open and reply rates.


2. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a lead generation and sales enablement tool that tracks your newsletters and emails. It has a chrome extension that you can integrate with your Gmail and track email opens, link clicks and more. The best thing about this tool is that it qualifies and scores the recipients based on their behavior.

Additional Features:

  • Track & Identify Your Leads: LeadBoxer helps you to find your potential leads and customers. You can capture the behavior of your prospects from sources like the website, email, advertising or social media using LeadBoxer.
  • Leadscore: It profiles potential prospects based on their behavior by providing a leadscore. They calculate this based on various criteria parameters (specific locations, industry, size, campaigns and more.) that you provide them.
  • Segmentation: LeadBoxer uses big data technology that allows you to configure custom filters and use them to segment your audience.
  • Alerts: Get real-time alerts when a certain event takes place.
3. Yesware

Yesware is a sales engagement platform that provides real-time open notification and tells you who opened your emails, clicked on your links and downloaded the attachments. The feature that makes Yesware so efficient is its integration with your Gmail account. You can access all the open rates, click rates and reply rates right in your Gmail on Yesware dashboard. This helps you target the hottest lead at the perfect time.

Additional Features:

  • Email Templates: Save time and can your daily emails with the Yesware email templates feature. You can A/B test and track the success rate of these templates as well.
  • Meeting Scheduler: Scheduling a meeting is just a click away. You can create a customized link with times available, and people can book their meetings with you using Yesware meeting scheduler.
  • Automated Follow Up: Yesware also has mail merge with the auto follow up feature, same as SalesHandy. But with Yesware you can integrate your sales calls as well.
  • Send Later / Reminder: You can set reminders for emails that need a follow up and send them at a desired time.
  • Phone Dialer: This feature makes it a snap to place a call to anyone from your inbox. You can even record notes based on the call summary.
  • Salesforce Integration: Best feature of Yesware is that all of this information can be easily integrated with Salesforce.
4. Bananatag

Bananatag easily integrates with your compose box and gives you an option of tracking the emails individually. All the tracked emails are sent from Gmail or Outlook servers, so you won’t have to worry about your emails getting blocked or going to spam. Install Bananatag chrome plugin for Gmail. Besides this, Bananatag is also available for Outlook.

Bananatag presents email metrics in a very precise manner, which helps the user take a good look at all the interaction through emails and make appropriate decisions.

Additional Features:

  • Email Scheduling: Just like every other tool mentioned here, Bananatag also provides email scheduling feature using which you can send emails at 1:30 in the morning and the recipient will still get the email at the right time when it’s most likely for him to open it.
  • Email Templates: In Bananatag, this feature is available right in your compose box.
  • Attachment Tracking: This feature creates a heat map for the attachments that you send to your recipients, to show you which slide is the most engaging and what works best for your presentation.
  • Email Analytics: See the bigger picture with all the open, click and reply rates and decide which email pitches work the best for you.
5. MixMax

Know precisely when someone opens your email and get notified then and there. Take important actions accordingly. With Mixmax, if you are sending an email to a group then also you can track individual opens. This helps in following up with precision.

With Mixmax, you can quickly set the email tracking as a default option. You won’t have to worry about enabling email tracking every time you send an email.

Mixmax also provides real-time desktop notification, and Mixmax email tracking feature also shows when your email was opened and how many times. Soon they are launching Advanced Email Tracking, which will give you an insight of recipient’s geographical information.

Additional Features:

  • Instant Meetings: Mixmax claims to have one-click meetings where you can avoid shooting emails to see your recipient’s availability and set meetings accordingly. With Mixmax Instant meetings, you can just share your multiple availabilities and then let the recipients choose.
  • Send Later: They have just added this feature. Schedule emails to hit the recipient’s inbox when the chances of them reading are at maximum.
  • Sequences: This is MixMax’s fancy name for sending bulk emails. You can send drip campaigns using the Mixmax sequence feature from your Gmail, Google Inbox and Salesforce as well.
  • Polls and Surveys: This is one of MixMax’s unique features. You can send out polls and conduct surveys in the email itself.
  • Salesforce Integration: All of these features and their results can be seen right in your CRM. All the data at one place to make decisions more quickly.

In an age where Big Data is reigns supreme, take advantage of affordable tracking tools to help you more quickly zero in on prospects who are most likely to buy.

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