Who Wants to Cold Call?

Does anyone really love making cold calls? No, no one. For me it always felt like coming face to face with a flat vertical wall that I was expected to climb. However, getting qualified leads from cold calls is not only possible, it happens all the time. With technology, it’s not the foreboding task it used to be.

This week I want to share with you two posts from companies I admire – Close.io and HubSpot. They take on the topic of generating warm leads from cold emails, and their advice is simple and logical.

Close.io provides five complete email templates: http://blog.close.io/5-cold-email-templates-that-will-generate-warm-leads-for-your-sales-team

HubSpot leaves the drafting of the email to you, but gives you 23 winning subject lines to help your email get through the door: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-email-subject-lines-that-get-prospects-to-open-read-and-respond

Your homework for the week is to review the last lead generation email your company sent and decide how you can make the next one better.

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