Three Digital Tune-Ups to Conduct Right Now

In the early 2000’s having a website was enough of a digital presence for most businesses. Not today! A digital footprint across multiple channels is now a prerequisite to a robust online presence. Your website, social media channels, email newsletters, relevant content, and online reviews (among other things) are necessary to stay relevant. Add all of that up and it can be overwhelming.

Here are three “digital tune-ups” you can do right now to get ahead.

1. Take advantage of LinkedIn.

I firmly believe that LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized platforms by minority and women owned businesses. It is no longer just a digital version of your resume. It has evolved into a platform to showcase your work and establish yourself as a credible expert in your industry, according to Vincent Velasquez, CEO of Media Cutlet.

To this end, Velasquez recommends writing original thought leadership articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. The main benefit of doing so, he says, is getting yourself in front of your network: LinkedIn notifies your connections when you publish an article, and the comments and likes in this area are heavily weighted.

“The most powerful thing you can do on LinkedIn is engage in conversation,” Velasquez said. However, he cautions professionals to do so wisely: Make your conversations strategic and thoughtful.

2. Improve your social media strategy.

When it comes to customer service, you can’t ignore your social media presence.

JP Canfield, a social media strategist at ThriveHive, says the most effective social media strategy for brands consists of “CPR” – Consistency, Professionalism and Responsiveness.

  • Consistency is all about your content mix and timing. Canfield said brands should follow the 80/20 rule – 80 percent useful, industry-related posts, and 20 percent post about your direct business. All content should be aligned with a clear and concise brand voice. Canfield recommends posting two to four times per week on each of your social media accounts.  
  • Professionalism means recognizing that all of your activity is visible, and keeping all your interactions courteous.
  • Responsiveness is a key component of providing good customer service on social media. Canfield notes that responding to messages quickly matters. “Show customers you’re listening,” he said.
3. Create a video.

Video is everything. In fact, Cisco research predicts that by 2019, video will claim more than 80 percent of web traffic – and most companies already have video as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Video content can be used in many different ways, including on your website landing page, social media accounts, informational emails, and conferences and live events. It’s a preferred medium for marketing because you can get a lot of information about your business across in a short amount of time.

These are just three of the many ways you can enhance your digital presence. Take stock of where you are. Determine what message you want to send. And create a plan to deliver something that moves the needle!

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