With clarity in your offering, customer insights, and proper positioning, achieve “Growth by Design”. Align sales sales, marketing, product, and service tactics in an effort to create predictable, scalable Growth.
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1. Discovery

Gain clarity on who’s your Ideal Customer, what Product or Service you actually sell, and the right Market Position to achieve Growth.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Describe the company that’s a perfect fit for your solution.

Product Service Profile (PCP)

Align internal thinking with market
expectation of your product.

Positioning Document (PD)

Ask the question of WHY you are doing what you are doing?

How You Deliver (HYD)

Answer the question of HOW you deliver your solution or service.

2. Roadmap

Do you have the right talent? Are your processes repeatable, scalable, and documented? Is the team aligned and accountable to each other? Do you answer to Growth?

3. Process Mapping

Have you mapped out your sales strategy? Your approach to selling that allows your organization’s sales force or YOU to position the company and its product(s) to target customers in a meaningful, differentiated way.

4. Tech Enablement

What does your tech stack look like? To remain competitive, it is imperative that you embrace SaaS platforms that deliver organizational efficiency. I.e. Calendar Management, Pipeline Development, Project Management, Workforce Development.

5. Implement, Track & Iterate

Know the roles and responsibilities, describe the processes, people, and supports necessary to function effectively. Measure outcomes and embrace flexibility!
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