Opinion Requested for New SalesCocktail Offerings!

At SalesCocktail, we are dedicated to helping MWBEs excel in sales, growth and tech adoption. Our goal is to eliminate the digital divide for minority and women-owned enterprises through education and information – and we need your feedback!

To build on the foundation of our regular blog, we are developing a monthly webinar series and an eight-week course to help our subscribers to dig deep into specific techniques and take full advantage of digital automation. Our webinar series will focus on using free SaaS platforms that help keep your sales funnel full and help you manage your time. Our eight-week course will delve into the art customer traction and the 18+ ways you can create repeat business and a customer base that grows itself.

We practice what we preach, so in the spirit of understanding YOU and the issues that stand in the way of your success, we ask that you fill out this quick survey. It should take less than two minutes and will help us create products that address what you truly want and need.


Thank you for your opinions, and keep an eye out for an announcement of these customer-centric offerings soon!