Hey MWBEs and SMBs – Your Lease is Up and It’s Time to Move to the Cloud

Fact: If you want to remain competitive, cloud adoption is no longer an option – it’s absolutely necessary. According to cloud computing provider RightScale, 93% of organizations now use cloud technologies in some form or fashion. If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, you should. Here are four facts that minority and women-owned businesses should not ignore about the cloud.

One: Small and medium businesses that move to the cloud typically double profits and achieve a 25 percent growth in revenue.

(Source: Exact and Pb7 Research via Business Wire)

It’s a global trend. Small businesses around the world are adopting cloud technologies. According to Deloitte, “SMBs using an above average of cloud services grow 26% faster than those that use no cloud tools, and are more profitable by 21% on average.” How does the cloud help companies double profits? First, cloud-based applications allow you to run operations anytime, from anywhere. Second, cloud applications dramatically reduce the cost of operations.

Two: Real-time data available 24/7

For example, your sales reps can provide premier customer service no matter where they are, by syncing data automatically between your project management system and a CRM. This gives your sales team the power to more rapidly respond to changing customer needs and market shifts, and also expand into new markets and target new segments.

Three: Cost savings – 82% of all companies saved money in their last cloud adoption project. 

(Source: TNS)

Cloud-based services can help you save money on many fronts, including server maintenance, software licensing and upgrade expenses, and much more. By moving to the cloud, you don’t have to spend money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, but instead maintain a subscription for a low monthly fee. And this can help you stretch your budget further.

Four: Enhanced security – 94% of managers say their business security improved after adopting cloud applications. 

(Source: iCorps Technologies)

Cloud-based services allow you to back up your data frequently or automatically to a safe online location, so that if the unexpected happens, you can be back up and running within minutes.

With increased revenue and profits, better access to data, cost savings and enhanced security, there is no reason at all not to operate in the cloud. Make the move today!


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