Haunted by Having to Send Cold Emails?

Trade shows, networking events, referrals, cold emails and calls: These are all channels we use to find new business prospects. The question is what to do with contact information once we have it. The answer depends on how you obtained the contact information. As we all know, generating lists from the Internet is completely different from a warm introduction and/or referral. The thought of cold calling or emailing someone can be scary to some sales people. However, it shouldn’t be.

Before sending any cold emails, you should have a compelling reason for connecting with the prospect. Most cold emails fall flat because you have not provided a clear value proposition or considered the timing of making contact. To move the conversation down the sales funnel, always be clear on the value proposition and know where prospect is in the buying process.

To help you tackle the thought of sending prospecting emails, I want to share a post from one of my favorite companies, HubSpot. In this post they share “5 Effective Sales Prospecting Emails.” This post gives several great examples of how to tailor your cold emails so that prospects will open them.  

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