Four Reasons MWBEs Should Embrace Technology

Four Reasons MWBEs Should Embrace Technology

We all know that the success of our business relies on many factors. In today’s world, countless technologies exist to encourage communication, track growth and increase exposure. Today’s Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies empower minority and women-owned businesses to achieve specific operational and growth objectives while maintaining a high level of productivity. To stay competitive, you must adopt new technologies.

Implementing such tech platforms allows MWBEs to reap benefits that keep them ahead of competitors who fail to embrace technology. Here are four reason why you should embrace today’s SaaS platforms:

  1. They enable more succinct Internal and external communication

Online communication tools such as Slack and Uberconference encourage discussion and debate. They remove hierarchical and physical boundaries and promote global dialogue with teammates and/or vendors. Utilizing this type of technology ensures knowledge is being shared. These platforms promote open dialogue across different departments and with clients, thus elevating customer support and encouraging increased productivity.

2. They monitor productivity more efficiently

As a minority or small business it’s critical that we track/measure our key performance indicators. We have to stay on top of everything going on in our organization and be aware of any and all issues that may arise. Today’s platforms are great at helping us visualize every aspect of our company. Platforms such as Trello and Pipedrive can track whether major projects or sales deals are on track to be completed, and if our company’s goals are being reached.

3. They create a transparent and accountable culture

Incorporating technology also improves employee accountability. Understanding how your work impacts the larger vision creates an atmosphere of ownership and drives people to do their best work. It gives them a feeling of ownership. They become engaged and are more likely to understand the value of their contributions.

4. They offer advanced business reporting and analysis

As business owners, we can obtain a broader understanding of marketing trends simply by entering our company data into an online program, which can also illuminate helpful information about customer behavior and the organization’s overall performance. By analyzing the results, leaders can figure out how to maximize the company’s potential and pick out weak points that need improvement. This information will empower every employee to work smarter and make the required changes. Furthermore, the data will encourage open communication of vital information and productive discussion. All of this will give the business a distinctive competitive edge over others in similar fields.

There you have it. We look forward to helping you work toward a tech-driven environment and moving your growth needle!


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