Four Best Practices to Follow During the Covid19 Crisis

Everyone is adjusting to a new normal. For businesses to succeed, it needs to constantly adjust in accordance with the marketplace and abnormal work environment. Time to look at what works and what doesn’t. Eliminate wasteful efforts and improve what’s working. Below are four important best practices for small businesses to keep top of mind.

1. Update software and secure networks.

Notice, I didn’t say purchase new software. This is a mistake made too often. Update what you have. Outdated software is one of the most common reasons a business’s network remains vulnerable to a cyberattack. It’s a simple fix to make sure you’re running the latest version of all your software and, if you aren’t, bringing it up to date. Doing so could prevent your business from suffering a devastating cyberattack.

If you are running on the majority SaaS platform, these updates are routinely done for you, no worries.

2. Align branding and marketing efforts.

In today’s ‘stay at home’ environment, this is more important than ever. In a digital environment, there are many channels through which businesses reach their audience. It’s crucial to ensure your brand and marketing efforts are unified across the utilized channels while remaining optimized to each specific platform. Disjointed marketing efforts, or those that focus heavily on one channel while neglecting others, are destined to fail in a digital world. Your social media strategy should feed into your website, and your advertising should echo the messages you’re promoting with your content marketing. 

3. Organize your record-keeping.

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming things for SMBs is staying organized or record keeping. A well-run business must maintain a lot of documentation, but that info doesn’t do you much good if it is disorganized and difficult to access. This as good an opportunity as any to reorganize your record-keeping and begin using cloud storage as a safe backup.

Beyond organization, you might even consider adopting a method to make it easier to manage your archives moving forward. There are plenty of software solutions that help digitize paper records and automate the record-keeping process. These records are especially important during tax season and when dealing with the government. 

4. Reaffirm your mission statement.

Having clarity on why you exist has always been important. With the consistent average of negative news these days, it’s easier than ever to get distracted. [sg_popup id=”2196″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Your mission statement should be the guiding foundation of your business. It can serve as the Northstar for your team when considering how to operate. Often times, businesses allow their mission statement to go unchanged, even as the company is transforming.

Thereto reaffirm your company’s overarching mission and examine your goals of how to continuously serve your target customers. Make sure you and your team both know why this company exists in the first place; knowing the mission will give your team a clear objective.

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