Finding Your Bullseye, Part 2: Seven More Traction Channels

In my last post, I focused on six of the 19 channels discussed in the book Traction: Targeting Blogs, Publicity, Unconventional PR, Search Engine Marketing, Display/Social Ads, and Offline Marketing.

The seven channels covered today are more traditional, but definitely worth considering as part of your mix.

Business Development

In the simplest terms, business development (BD) can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives and activities aimed toward making a business better. This includes increasing revenues, business expansion, increasing profitability by building Strategic Alliances (Investopedia). BD is not selling directly to customers, but rather engaging customers through mutually beneficial partnerships.


Not too long ago I discussed the four stages of the sales/prospect development: Prospect, Engage, Acquire, and Keep. Sales is the direct engagement with your prospective customers in order to exchange a product for cash.

Affiliate Programs 

Identify an organization and/or person who will represent your product or service in the sales process. This can range from getting a qualified lead to closing the deal.

Trade Shows 

Attend and promote your product or service at a large convention where a large number of prospective clients and/or channel partners gather to learn, showcase, and develop strategic partnerships.

Offline Events 

As an MWBE, how do you get your name in front of a large number of vendors and prospects? Sponsor a small meetup or large conference. This helps build brand recognition.

Speaking Engagements 

Become a POI, Person of Interest! (Some call it SME, Subject Matter Expert). Speaking on panels or delivering a keynote address is a great way to position yourself and your company as premier authority on a particular subject.

Community Building

Go beyond your current customers. Build a community of supporters and sponsors by investing time and attention into the networks of your customer base. Attend events or ask your customer to make introductions to their networks.

You have to move the needle. Study these traditional channels and decide which three might be a good fit your your company and style. Then set a goal for each and work them into your marketing plan.

In my final blog in this series, I will cover the remaining six channels that you should consider to gain traction and grow your customer base.


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