Email Automation for Small Business

Over the next few weeks, we will talk about different aspects of running a small business and tech platforms that help us become more efficient with managing time-consuming tasks such as email, client communication, project management, time management/tracking, and pipeline management.

Today’s focus is email management, also known as email automation. Did you know that every day, more than 200 billion emails are sent? This stat shows you just how integral email has become to the fabric of our daily lives. We can’t avoid it, but we can effectively manage it so that it doesn’t manage us. Email can be one of the two biggest time wasters we have today (the other is social media).

Since it can’t be avoided and has the potential to kill our productivity, we need to know how to make it work for us.

In steps email automation! What is it?

Email automation is the most effective way to engage in email marketing, because it enables you to send out messages to your customers at designated times. Small business owners don’t have the time to send regular, individualized messages to their customers. Using automation, they can save time by setting up the email platform to send messages when customers take specific actions.

Why do minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses need email automation?

Your business needs email automation for dozens of reasons, the biggest of those being nurturing your customer relationships, gaining new customer sales and turning your new customers into repeat buyers.

Additional reasons to use email automation:

  1. Helps you Nurture Leads with a Drip Campaign
  2. It’s Inexpensive
  3. Keeps Your Business Top of Mind
  4. Enables You to Track and Measure Results
  5. Increases Your Bandwidth (frees you to focus on other business tasks)

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