Bring Power to Your Presentations

Sales presentations are rare and precious chances to have your prospect’s undivided attention. Don’t blow it by talking too much, taking too much time or getting off topic. Here are six ways to bring power to your presentation:

Make it relevant to your prospect.

Modify your presentation to include specific points and benefits that are unique to that particular customer. Show exactly how your product or service solves their specific problem. This means that it is critical to ask your prospect probing questions before you start talking about your company.

Define a connection point between your product/service and the prospect.

Nothing is more valuable than letting the prospect test drive your product or service. At times, we will set up 15 to 30 test environments for prospects. This does two things: 1. It provides a more intimate feel for the potential end-user, 2. It gives us market feedback – what the prospects liked or disliked and how we could improve. This provides deeper insight into where our solution fits in their plans.

Get to the point.

Today’s business people are far too busy to listen to long-winded discussions. Know what your key points are and learn how to make them quickly. Practice verbalizing them before you meet with your prospect. Showing that you respect your prospect’s time shows that you respect your prospect.

Add some flare.

The majority of sales presentations I have heard have been boring and unimaginative. Demonstrate enthusiasm and energy. Use voice more effectively and vary your modulation.

Draw something.

Use the whiteboard or flipchart in the prospect’s boardroom during your presentation. Instead of telling the client what you will do, stand up and use visuals to show them. Write down facts and figures, draw pictures, and take notes from the discussion. This approach conveys authority in your domain.

Lastly, believe in your product/service.

Without doubt, this is the most critical component of any presentation. When you discuss solutions, do you become more animated and energetic? Does your voice display excitement? Does your body language exhibit your enthusiasm? If not, you need to change your approach. After all, if you can’t get excited about your product, how can you expect your customer to become motivated enough to buy?

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