Don’t Send That Email!

Have you ever had the fear of failure or anxiety from a potential rejection? On any given day, in sales, emotions can fluctuate from the momentous joy of closing a deal to feeling overwhelmed by calling a complete stranger. Prospecting can feel that way when your email tactics are outdated.

We know prospecting can seem daunting, and a string of unreturned calls and unanswered emails is discouraging. To reduce your fear of rejection, we put together three key components of prospecting emails that work.

1. Does your email answer the question “Why?” You need a reason to reach out.

Do you have a compelling reason to email the prospect? If not, don’t send that email!

Prospects should fit your ideal buyer persona. They should have similar characteristics to past successful clients. You should immediately know what value you provide to the prospect and be able to explain it succinctly.

2. Does your email say why now is the right time to buy?

Does your email explain why the prospect should buy now? If not, don’t send that email!

If there’s no sense of urgency, there’s no reason to buy. Examples include dissatisfaction with current vendor, a new strategic vision, or a current system that is outdated.

3. Does your email include a call to action?

Every touch point in the sales process should drive it forward toward the close. Does your email say “just checking in?” If so, don’t sent that email! Never send a “just checking in” email that provides no value to your buyer. Make sure you are clear about what the prospects should do now if they have been convinced to buy.

If your email gives a strong explanation for why you are emailing, a compelling reason for the prospect to buy now, and a call to action that makes it easy to take the next step, click send. Otherwise, don’t send that email and keep doing your homework.


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