Declutter Your Calendar With These Six Simple Tips

In today’s world it seems as if we have less and less time to get things done. But everyone knows that we all have the same amount of time in a day as we always have had. What has changed is the number of activities competing for the same 24 hours. Here are six simple tips that can declutter your calendar.

Share:  A shareable online calendar like Google Calendar  can be used by individuals who frequently need to coordinate meetings with other people. Depending on the situation, the calendar can be shared with coworkers, family, friends, members of an activity group or anyone else.

Separate: Add appointments to your calendar, but don’t mix them with your To-Do List. Keeping your tasks separate will keep your mind clear. A tool like Wunderlist  can help with this.

Organize: Do not use your calendar to keep notes. Consider using a paper notebook or a cloud service such as Evernote.

Streamline your schedule: When you need to set up a meeting or social event with more than one person, use an online scheduling tool like Doodle, Calendly, or This will eliminate the constant back and forth communication, and your inbox will thank you. 

Travel smart: Including travel information in your calendar can help keep you organized while you travel, and a tool like TripIt will do a lot of the work for you. Also, conduct more meetings via an online conferencing app such as UberConference.

Color code: Highlight particularly important appointments in a different color so they stand out. Use calendar feeds in different colors for appointments related to work, family, vacations or other segments of your life..

With these helpful tips and tricks, everyone can organize and streamline their life and calendar.

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