5 Reasons for Women and Minority Businesses to Use a CRM

As a small business owner, have you ever felt disorganized and overwhelmed? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have a true understanding of your sales funnel? Are you exasperated because you don’t know who to call, when to follow up or when the proposal is due?

Join the club! Lack of processes and poor time management are likely the root causes of these frustrations. There is good news! While technology will not solve all your problems, the use of the proper tech platform can reduce stress, organize information and increase confidence.

In addition to those benefits, here are five more reasons why minority, women and small businesses should use a customer relationship management (CRM) platform:

Get and Stay Organized

Staying organized while trying to grow your business is a never-ending effort. You might even be relying on a low-tech system to carry your business forward, such as Excel spreadsheets. Want to automate and record calls? Or schedule future meetings and track email communications? CRM software does all of that for you and more. And you get mobility, which is pretty awesome, too.

Automate Your Sales

This is what you think of when you think CRM software: It provides small businesses with the visibility they need to visualize their pipeline, create influential forecasts for future sales and grow their business for the long term. It can also track business leads and new prospects and remind you when it’s time to connect with existing customers and prospects.

Build Good Sales Habits

All of this access to information and automation gives you and your team another important benefit – the ability to build good habits. When you have the most accurate possible data, you can use that to inform more of your decisions going forward. And if you’re able to do that on a consistent basis, you can build good habits that are more likely to resonate with your customers and prospects.

Automate Routine Activities

Everyday sales activities are often routine and boring in nature. Tasks such as updating fields, scheduling calls, creating reminders and many others can be a drain on productivity. CRM frees up your time by automating everyday actions and the gives you the ability focus on revenue-generating activities.

CRM tools can be inexpensive and user friendly!

Want to understand and grow your business? It is time to begin using a CRM. Check out Pipedrive here.

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